Feb. 7, 2021

A Reflection on C'est La Me

“C’est La Me”

I coined this play-on-words as an internal reminder for myself to enjoy the ride of life, embrace what happens, and live in the moment. These are very counterintuitive statements to me, the organized, constantly-preparing perfectionist. I always want to know the plan, the details, and the outcome before I leap into something.

Being breezy and easygoing when it comes to my goals, purpose, dreams, and life's direction does not come naturally. However, I have found that being uptight and one-dimensional doesn’t either. I used to confine myself to a specific cookie-cutter image. It took trial and error to finally relax and own all parts of myself, not just the ones that fit a particular mold.

The girl who loves to bake and get super girly? That’s me. The girl who loves wearing all black and listening to heavy music? That’s me. Sometimes I’m serious, other times I’m relaxed. Sometimes I love the unconventional, and sometimes I love the trends.

My podcast has let me be myself, in all my different forms. I get to be organized when I draft and schedule my episodes each week and spontaneous when I record an idea I had only the night before. Life doesn't stay the same all the time and neither do I.

The original phrase “c'est la vie” is a nonchalant response to (and acceptance of) the unexpected or unplanned. “C'est la me” is my response to those parts of myself and a reminder to remain truly authentic through everything.

That’s life, that’s me. C’est la vie, c’est la me.


Amelia Rose

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