Amelia is so lovely!

I love the tone and format of this show — intimate, friendly, inviting. Amelia welcomes us into her latest thoughts and reflections. It feels like listening to a good friend. (Also, as a francophile, I adore the name.)

So glad to have found such a refreshing and authentic show like this. For something unique and original in your podcast rotation this is a must!

great podcast

i love this podcast


Very unique show that makes you feel you’re in a fancy cafe . I honestly feel like I am reading a book , her voice and stories are so relatable and intriguing.

Amelia has a sweet and genuine way of putting a unique spin on everyday topics such as adulting, school, love and friendship, and is not afraid to get personal. I didn’t think I would be her target audience, but found myself hooked at how authentic and well-spoken she was! Look forward to seeing her continued future success

I love C’est La Me!

I love C’est La Me! Amelia is so authentic and real, so enjoyable and relatable to listen to! Grateful to have found her and this podcast! Def recommend 🤍


Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. Can’t recommend it enough. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends Podcast

Love your podcast!

God, there’s so many places I’d like to travel! I really enjoyed your recent episode! You’re very worldly!


I loved the goss and your energy

Really great podcast

Great show with awesome potential! Love it!

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!

So sweet!

I just listened to the unpopular opinions episode and it was really fun! Great personality and fun to listen to :)


This podcast is always an amazing listen. The topics are very relatable and helpful! Also I love the energy of the host.

Amazing Podcast

I found this awesome gal in a Facebook group and I am so glad I did! I love her podcast. Great for listening to in the car or while doing chores around the house ✨ 10/10 recommend

Encouragement for Real Life!

✨C’est La Me podcast always offers a new and fresh perspective on some of life’s most simple and yet most stressful aspects. Whether it’s being grateful for what we DO have or discerning HOW we are meant to shine in all our capacities and positions, Amelia Rose provides encouragement through her own reflections, ponderings, and insights! A pick me up podcast that lightens life’s worries!✨

SO relatable, we love it ✨💋

After listening to this podcast, I found Amelia to be so relatable! I loved everything she had to say about time management and learning to create boundaries between on and off work time! I love it!! 🤍✨

love this podcast!

i really enjoy listening to this podcast! 💓