April 3, 2021

Cupcake Recipe!

Hey, y'all! In my last episode, I told you how excited I was to bake this weekend in preparation for Easter. I specifically mentioned a cupcake recipe I made last year which was amazing that I would be making again this year.

Well, I made them today, so I thought I'd show you the finished product!

These are lemon blackberry cupcakes by Growing Up Gabel and they are delicious. You can't get much more Spring-y than lemon and blackberry, in my opinion. And no, there is no food coloring in this recipe. The color in the frosting is courtesy of the raw beauty of nature (AKA blackberry jam).

I highly recommend you bake these ASAP (and maybe listen to a C'est La Me episode while you enjoy them for the full experience? 😉)! Let me know if you give them a try! And have a happy Easter tomorrow!


Amelia Rose