March 3, 2022

Getting Back To Being Inspired

Hey, y'all! I wanted to pop on here to talk about what's been going on with the podcast and how I've been feeling about it recently. I'm not sure if it's the warmer weather or having had a week off this week for Spring Break, but I've been feeling a lot more inspired while planning episodes for the show.

I've been taking that inspiration and using it to batch-plan episodes and add to my content calendar! I love getting in the zone of inspiration and being able to utilize it to plan out content that I'm super excited about. Sometimes I'm not feeling all the glitter and sparkles when it comes to podcast planning, so when I have these moments, I like to take advantage of them. Spoiler alert: a fair few of the upcoming episodes have to do with college life since I graduate in a little more than TWO MONTHS! 

It's crazy to think that I'll be living my post-grad life in two months, but from a business/podcast standpoint, I realize that it also means I have limited time to talk about college when I'm actually in it, so I'm definitely going to be talking about it. :)

Speaking of I'm very, very excited about next week's episode! I have a really fun guest on C'est La Me and we had an awesome chat! She's a content creator based in New York City and her story and advice was so great, so I can't wait for you to hear all of it!

Also, if you're feeling particularly inspired by the podcast and want to suggest some episodes, feel free to email me! I love learning what y'all want to hear and recording those episodes!

That's all for now! Love y'all!


Amelia Rose