May 11, 2021

Happy Birthday, C'est La Me!

Hey, y'all! Today I am sitting at my computer, feeling the utmost gratitude. Today is C'est La Me's first anniversary and I could not be more grateful for this first year we've had. There's so much to unpack and I'm going to release an episode breaking down the first year of podcasting tomorrow, so watch out for that. But today, I wanted to pop in really quickly to celebrate this milestone.

When I started this show, I never thought that it would become such a big part of my life. I just wanted something to do where I could express myself and exercise my creativity. But C'est La Me quickly became much more than that. I didn't consider the people I would come into contact with or relationships I would build because of this podcast. I didn't know that I would feel much more comfortable with myself once I began podcasting. I didn't realize that hosting this show would give me an internal sense of confidence that would bleed into other areas of my life. But it did all of that and more. And it's been wonderful.

So thank you for listening. Whether you've been with me since day one or just hopped on board yesterday, I appreciate every single listen, comment, email, word of encouragement, and merch selfie I receive. It's been exciting and amazing and fun and overwhelming - and I can't wait for year two!


Amelia Rose