Sept. 17, 2021

Life and Podcast Update!

Hey, y'all! It's been a little while! Since I last wrote, I celebrated my 22nd birthday, started my senior year of college, started back to my internship after a two-week break, have been working hard with the student newspaper, and have been releasing podcast episodes and newsletters (duh). I just wanted to pop in and tell you some things that have been happening with the podcast recently!

First of all, I've been working hard on a project that will happen at the end of this year. If you're subscribed to my newsletter or if you listened to my most recent episode, you'll have heard about this project. I can't say too much about it, but I've been working extra hard on it for the past few weeks trying to orchestrate everything to make it the best it can be. One thing I can tell you is that I've never done anything like it and I'm super excited to launch it in a few months!

Something else that I'm incredibly excited about is that I was featured in the pilot episode of "Cut Loose", a podcast by! It was an honor to be interviewed by Alicia and I am so happy to have been working with for the past few months. is a place for podcasters to create a stronger relationship with their audience (YOU!). Their platform is currently being developed, but I'm looking forward to the official launch!

Things have been especially busy in the C'est La Me world recently, so thank you for being here and listening each week! It's so encouraging to hear your thoughts after every episode.


Amelia Rose