June 19, 2021

Post Recording Session Thoughts

Hey, y'all! I just recorded next week's episode this morning and I feel especially good about it. I talked about a lot of things. It was organized, but still very stream-of-consciousness-esque. It was a very chatty episode and an especially good recording session.

It was rainy and I had a cup of coffee, comfy pajamas, and lots to talk about. I felt like I did a better job in front of the mic than usual and I felt more comfortable and motivated as well. I really enjoyed recording and I think this episode might be one of my favorites.

Something I've been trying hard to do in my episodes recently is to open up a little more so you can get to know me better. As much as I want my episodes to sound polished and professional, I also want them to sound like you're in a conversation with a friend. It's sometimes a hard balance for me to strike because I'm not sure what to share. But I feel like I did a good job of opening up more today.

I also think it's important to document small happy things on here as well as big things like newsletter launches and new merch. It's moments like this that make podcasting really gratifying. Thank you for listening.


Amelia Rose