April 15, 2021

Photos from Seaside!

Hey, y'all! In my most recent episode, I talked about a trip I took last Spring to Seaside, Florida. It was an amazing trip and I found some photos that I wanted to share so that y'all can see just how magical this little place was!

I also realized that this trip happened just a few months before I began C'est La Me! I remember thinking of the concept and artwork in the car ride over.

They had cobblestone streets! It was the cutest thing ever and I loved walking around with my ice cream feeling very much a part of a quaint little storybook. Don't judge, you know you would too.

I found a house that was built just for me. I haven't had time to move in yet because I've been so busy, but I totally bought it on the spot. It has my name on it, so...it's mine.

Here's another one of the houses that lined the street. The architecture is so beautiful. I love the porch and the cute picket fence. Can you tell I think everything about this place is cute?

They had a literal crepe truck which is beautiful and cute and magical and amazing. The crepes were really delicious too. You haven't lived if you haven't eaten from a crepe truck. Do it.

They had this enchanting little yogurt/fudge shop. I don't think we ended up eating here, but I had to stop in to take a photo. Just look at how cute it is! It reminds me of every classic soda/ice cream shop you see in the movies. Except for this is real life, which makes it even better.

They had a bunch of little shops everywhere and this one had a particularly important message to display.

We ended the trip by going to the beach. At sunset. It was absolutely stunning.

I had a fabulous time on this trip and after looking at these pictures, I already want to go back. I hope you enjoyed reading my recap as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Amelia Rose