March 25, 2022

Why I Started a Lifestyle + Personal Journal Podcast

Hey, y'all!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! It's super sunny and gorgeous outside and I've had a very productive day so far!

I wanted to write this blog post to answer a question I have gotten since I started C'est La Me: "Why did you start a lifestyle podcast?"

First off, what's a lifestyle podcast anyway? I categorize it as a podcast that encompasses a bunch of different topics (dating, wellness, career, spirituality, travel, relationships, mental health, etc.) and uses the host's life and the lives of their guests to offer advice and insights into the topics at hand.

I decided to start a lifestyle podcast (as opposed to a podcast focusing on just one of those areas) for several reasons. The first reason was that I love listening to lifestyle podcasts. When I started listening to podcasts, I loved shows like Thick & Thin by Katy Bellotte, Gals on the Go by Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan, The Blonde Files by Arielle Lorre and The Bad Broadcast by Madi Murphy. I would categorize those podcasts, especially the first two, as lifestyle podcasts.

Through listening to those podcasts, I became aware of what I love as a listener: debriefs about the host(s) life/lives, personal stories and lessons they learned from those experiences, deep dives into the topics I mentioned above, and storytimes from listeners, all of which I ended up incorporating into my own podcast. The opening up about their life part is the personal journal aspect of the podcast, which I love.

The second reason I started a lifestyle podcast involved C'est La Me being a solo-hosted show. I had a very fluid schedule during college, so I knew I wasn't going to have the time to schedule guest episodes. I also knew that I preferred listening to solo shows, so it made sense for me to be a solo host.

I was thinking over what I could possibly talk about on this solo-hosted show when it occurred to me: no one knows my life better than I do. And hey, my life is kind of interesting and maybe people would want to hear my thoughts and advice! I'm not an expert on any one thing, so specializing in something felt off. But giving my thoughts, opinions and guidance on life each week might be of use to my listeners and it could even be entertaining. Now I know I was right about that, so thank you for listening!

There's really not one huge reason I started a lifestyle podcast. Basically, I wanted to talk about whatever I wanted without being limited to one thing. I absolutely love hosting a lifestyle/personal journal podcast - and I love you for listening!


Amelia Rose