March 29, 2022

Four of The Best Podcasts for Women (My Favorites!)

Hey, y'all!

After writing that last blog post, I started thinking about all the fun podcasts I love out there. So, I decided to share some podcasts I'm loving! Also, if you want a weekly podcast recommendation, along with my favorite song, article, recipe, and product of the week, sign up for my newsletter!

Here are a few of my favorite female-hosted podcasts:

The Bad Broadcast

This should come as absolutely no surprise to most of you. If you've heard any recent episodes of mine, chances are, I've mentioned The Bad Broadcast at least once. I love this show so much! Madi is hilarious and I am supportive but jealous of all the fun segments she has on the show! I have thought about having different segments, but I kind of feel like I cover all that in my newsletter. Anyway, she has the most hilarious lines ever and she's very quotable, too! If you want to laugh your booty off, listen to this! She's a dream guest of mine, so, Madi, if you see this, I would love to have you on C'est La Me!

Sunday Glow

This podcast gives the ultimate cozy self-care vibes to your day. It really feels like an unwind session and it's very well done. Alison and Christine always have great insights and I love hearing their conversations! It's a very relaxing podcast that I love to on my way to and from work. It puts me in the best headspace and I love it! And yes, these girls are also dream guests of mine!

Already Friends

This show is super fun to listen to and I love the variety of episodes they provide! Allison and Ceara are great hosts and I love how their content can focus on more tangible topics like planning a trip and also go into topics like romanticizing your life. Their balance of episode topics is something I love because the podcast never feels stale; there's always something new to look forward to that is different from the rest of the episodes. 

The Fashion Fables

I met Olivia through Instagram when I first started my podcast, and I have been listening to her podcast ever since. I even had her on my show once! I love the guests she brings on and her solo episodes as well! She has some great thoughts on all things fashion and beauty. She's so sweet and I really love our interactions on my Discord server!